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No matter what your financial need is, you will find a host of services that will fit your needs. These vary from a debt coaching, financial coaching, risk consulting and lastly, for those who are trying to get the most exhaustive package I will do a deep dive research into your financial situation.

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Personally Customized Guide

This plan is meant for those who are currently in debt and would like a customized plan to get out of debt. Whether it is a student loan, credit card, mortgage, car, RV, boat, or a personal loan this gig will provide concrete recommendations and actionable advice to take based on your current situation. This plan aims to bring individuals to a level where they can feel more comfortable and start to live better. Included in this gig there will be a follow-up call for thirty minutes discussing the individual’s plan of action over the next several months to a year. The call paired with the informational document will give the individual a solid start to their debt-free journey.

75.00 $

Debt Reduction Plan (3 Month Plan)

The Debt Reduction Plan is for those who are serious and ready to take the next step to getting out of debt. With this plan, we take a deep dive to understand the behavioral aspects. Please see a list below for the offerings with this plan. 1) Diagnosis – The diagnosis phase involves a consultation and root cause analysis of the former state, and a roadmap to get to their future state. 2) Accounting Software – Walkthrough and setup the individual on a program that helps one analyze quantitatively where they are and where they need to be. 3) Tools – Providing useful tools/resources to help the individuals overcome obstacles. These tools include 3 premium content videos, a workbook and access to a monthly newsletter. 3) Accountability Partner – I will act as your accountability partner to ensure you are sticking to the goals we set. 4) Weekly Follow Ups – Every week I will call, or email to discuss strengths, weakness or challenges one may be encountering, and what to do to overcome those roadblocks.

100.00 $

One on One Financial Coaching

This financial consultation will provide invaluable insight on one’s historical finance behavior. Several areas will be assessed such as debit/credit card spend, miscellaneous spend and ways in which debt can be reduced. This analysis will include three paragraph recommendations and paired with a phone call on appropriate next steps to take. Example recommendations include attaining a cash reserve fund for emergencies, minimizing interest payments and general investment portfolio allocation.

150.00 $

Risk Management Consultation

This product is to help customers set the appropriate guardrails to eliminate unnecessary risk. Every portfolio and life situation should eliminate downside risk and this product aims to do the following. 1) Work with customer through a questionnaire to assess tolerance through uncertain situations 2) Set the appropriate exits and entrances for investments 3) Re-balance recommendations per investment risk tolerance 3) Strategize income plays for that offer yield and safety

250.00 $

Research Package

Forehand Financial’s research package is here to help anyone from government institutions, businesses and individual investors assess in detail a particular economic environment, securities sector/industry review and even perform cause and effect analysis. Specifically see the deliverables for this particular product below. 1) 1 page research paper with an introduction and analysis 2) Reversals and contrary opinion review 2) 3 action items to takeaway from the analysis

500.00 $

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