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The Major Pros of Bitcoin & Ethereum, and How I Would Invest $1,000,000

Let’s say someone were to hand you $1M to invest between two primary cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. How would I recommend they allocate their capital based on a simple pro & con assessment? Exciting right?! Let’s go over the pros of Bitcoin(BTC first).  Pro #1: Bitcoin is a heavily adopted, scarce asset that has been […]

My Thoughts on Stimulus and the Downstream Impacts

***Disclaimer – This post is not meant to be political. I have neutral views on both the Republican party and the Democratic party. This blog is meant to primarily discuss the impacts of bad economic policy.  There is a famous meme that most people are familiar with both locally and globally now regarding endless money printing […]

DeFi – Democratizing Finance for All

Democratizing financial solutions for all tends to be the northern light for many newcryptocurrency projects. Our society does a great job of finding out what is not working anddeveloping a technology that will help all, not just a few influential individuals in Washington intandem with the help of the FED. DeFi will substantially evolve how […]

Bitcoins Breathtaking Rise

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin has taken the #5 trending spot on Twitter and is edging $33,000 in price. Everyone and their crazy uncle are talking about it, and how they have made money off of it. Why do I bring up what is trending? This shouldn’t be the foundation for discussing an […]

Easily Explained – Ethereum

This blog is meant to inform those who are interested in understanding more about Ethereum, thinking about investing in ETH or curious on a high level understanding of what Ethereum is. I tried my best to remove as much financial jargon as possible, but additionally aimed to reduce cryptocurrency technical lingo. If you would like […]

My Best Stocks and Crypto Investments in 2020

When investing it is of the highest importance to look at trends and determine how things are likely to pan out. In this article I will not get political, rather I will discuss things as a matter of fact from a policy perspective. Generally speaking, Trump’s policies favor corporations with the 21% tax rate instead […]

The Two Most Popular Cryptocurrencies This Month by Market Cap

In this article, we are going to look at the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, and discuss both the factors at play as to why, but also the importance of relying on additional metrics to make a purchasing decision in this space. An important metric to determine when purchasing cryptocurrency is the market capitalization […]

A take on the Social Score

One television show that I am a major fan of is a show called Black Mirror. Specifically, there is one episode called NoseDive that I am a major fan of. One of the reasons I enjoy this episode so much is because of the number of similarities I see between this episode and our society […]

Avoid the Pileup, Race out of Debt

Ever since I was a young child I have been in love with cars and I’ll never forget telling my dad when I grow up, I want a yellow Corvette with a NASCAR motor. Today more than ever, like many Americans my passion and love of cars is still strong. It is important to remain […]

Preparing for a Potential 2020 Economic Downturn

There are countless financial doomsters out there who are always selling fear through the fact that we are facing an impending downturn next year. Sometimes, I find amusement looking at these videos several years later when an economic downturn never actually occurred. I write this article to spread awareness on the fact that we are […]


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