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My Best Stocks and Crypto Investments in 2020

When investing it is of the highest importance to look at trends and determine how things are likely to pan out. In this article I will not get political, rather I will discuss things as a matter of fact from a policy perspective. Generally speaking, Trump’s policies favor corporations with the 21% tax rate instead […]

The Two Most Popular Cryptocurrencies This Month by Market Cap

In this article, we are going to look at the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, and discuss both the factors at play as to why, but also the importance of relying on additional metrics to make a purchasing decision in this space. An important metric to determine when purchasing cryptocurrency is the market capitalization […]

A take on the Social Score

One television show that I am a major fan of is a show called Black Mirror. Specifically, there is one episode called NoseDive that I am a major fan of. One of the reasons I enjoy this episode so much is because of the number of similarities I see between this episode and our society […]

Avoid the Pileup, Race out of Debt

Ever since I was a young child I have been in love with cars and I’ll never forget telling my dad when I grow up, I want a yellow Corvette with a NASCAR motor. Today more than ever, like many Americans my passion and love of cars is still strong. It is important to remain […]

Preparing for a Potential 2020 Economic Downturn

There are countless financial doomsters out there who are always selling fear through the fact that we are facing an impending downturn next year. Sometimes, I find amusement looking at these videos several years later when an economic downturn never actually occurred. I write this article to spread awareness on the fact that we are […]

Equity Crowdfunding – A New Way to Invest

I am confident many people have watched the show Shark Tank where a couple of individuals go into a room and pitch their business idea to several angel investors. I find it so fascinating that through a fifteen to thirty-minute pitch, business owners can bring an entirely new set of lifeblood and capital into the […]

Biases by Getting Burned in the Market

In today’s day and age, it is all too common to not look at things through an objective lens. Whether there is something in the news, a personal experience, or a statement that a friend makes, sometimes this information comes to us and we look at it as if it is a statement of fact. […]

Handling Windfalls of Money

​From an early age, I have always wondered how much money one is given from the start of ones life may negatively impact an individuals work ethic and ability to strive for further opportunities. Many of us know people who were given large trust funds, or large sums of money, and through the years their […]

Economic Downturns – Avoid the Snakes

Economic downturns affect us more than just the financial aspect. It is known that we are living in uncertain times, and when this happens it can feel paralyzing to the point of not being able to think through things thoroughly. I am not going to lie, over the past couple of months I have hit […]

Sometimes the Best Trade is no Trade

Now more than ever I know people trying to get involved in the stock market to take advantage of opportunities that didn’t exist a matter of months ago. Every day when there is massive volatility in the markets, I get texts and calls from my friends asking what the next move is, little do they […]


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