About Me

Paul Raymond

Founder of MapABitcoin

Over the past several years I have studied deeply Bitcoin and the benefits it will bring to the world. Traditionally, I have formally studied finance at university & have read countless books on money.

I am a firm believer it aims to bring financial inclusion to people who are under/unbanked, provide an easier way for people to remit money in a frictionless way, and most importantly enabling people to transact peer to peer in a trustless way.

I have read countless books on the space, created nearly 100 YouTube videos and traveled to El Salvador on Bitcoin Day, September 7th 2021 to help with the rollout.

I hope to travel across the world, and show people that there is an alternative to being under the control of fiat currency that is always debasing and simply educate on Bitcoin the network and bitcoin the monetary unit.

What I Do
  • I make Bitcoin Documentaries (more to come soon)
  • My El Salvador Bitcoin Documentary: https://youtu.be/68PA155PX9s
  • I travel, and study macroeconomics & microeconomics. It is my goal to help onboard people to a harder money
  • I work to educate people on Bitcoin and fiat money

If you like what I am doing, please consider donating some Bitcoin below! Thanks so much, love the support & working in my passion.

All Donations Appreciated! 🙂

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